Procedures and Materials Used for Photo Blankets and Quilts

Are you looking for a unique way to gift a loved during a special occasion?  Photo blankets and quilts are an authentic gift that you can give to your friend during a wedding or your mother during mother's day celebrations.  To make photo blankets, you will have to purchase a T-shirt transfer paper. With the right tools making the pictures blanket is a natural process and even a neophyte in sewing can be able to make an exciting piece.  You can involve close family members in selecting the best pictures to use for the blanket.  Involving family in making the quilt will make the final product a treasure and the person receiving the gift will feel that he is honored.


The Memories Place blanket-making process will require you to have the following tools for effectiveness.


o    Straight pins

o    Cutting Scissors

o    Tape to be used for measuring

o    Sewing device

o    Iron box

o    Scanner, printer, and a computer

o    Pictures

o    T-shirt transfer paper

o    Quilt batting

o    Enough muslin


The muslin is used to make the upper side of the blanket and the most ideal is the unbleached.  The muslin must be ironed to make sure it is smooth, and it is free from creases and wrinkles. After straightening the muslin, you embark on scanning your photos and cropping them depending on the size that you find appropriate. Since the images will have an arrangement that resembles a collage, you will require varying sizes of the photos. Learn more at


To print the photos on the Memories Place blanket, you will use a T-Shirt transfer paper. The paper must be of a high quality to help you have pictures that are visible on the sheet on completion of the procedure.  When using the T-shirt transfer paper ensure that you adhere to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.  When ironing the photos on the muslin ensure that you do what the manufacturer of the T-shirt transfer paper requires.  When ironing the images, you must do it on a flat surface.  The muslin backing for the photo blanket should be rolled to make sure that there are no visible creases on the final product which you will give during your friend's or relative special occasion.


The only secret to getting the best quilts is ensuring that you are employing the latest technology and the person sewing has the right expertise.  The printing is an essential procedure in making of quilts and photo blankets hence the need to use the most appropriate printing technologies.  Using the best photos for the blankets gives you a higher attachment to the product.